Tuesday, November 24, 2009

What's the Caste System?
The Caste System of India is a rigid hierarchy of social classes that evolved from Hindu religious law. Untouchables, people considered to have no caste, often live in urban slums and have little access to health care, clean water, and other basic resources. Although the Indian government has worked to improve their status, Untouchables continue to suffer discrimination and exploitation by the higher castes.

The Background
In the ancient times the Untouchables were a group of people who lived mostly in uninhabited areas like mountains and deep forests. They earned their living a wrong way - robbing, etc. People used these Untouchables to do the most cheapest kind of work such as leather works, do the ditches, scavenging, etc.

Now the times have changed, we're living in the year 2009. Society has become completely civilized, and globalization has brought great changes in the way we think! Education now goes to every corner of the society! Out-casts too came to know right from wrong. Mahatma Gandhi gave a new name to these people - he called them, "Harijans", which means 'People of God'. In recent times, this group of Harijans wanted themselves to be called as "Dalits" which means 'oppressed people', because of the oppression they face by the common people (caste people).

Vain Glory, False Prestige
Sadly the people of the castes now take advantage of their prestigious 'higher' status owned once upon a time - Long, long ago.. (i mean soooo loooong ago! ) by their forefathers. Now everyone perfectly lives in equal living statuses because everyone is civilized with equal education and broad mindedness, which the caste-thrivers just could not stand it! They 'want' to make a difference! ...be the "upper" class forever! Too bad time's changed! :-(

Our Modern Days have 'proved' that all men are equal and no difference really exists, unlike the Caste System claims. Given equal education to all of the so called caste system and dalits brings out EQUAL results for all - including the Dalits! Dalits were found equally intelligent and able to catch-up with others in every way.

The bottom line is, the entire CASTE SYSTEM HAS BEEN DISPROVED.

Modern-Day Slavery
About 300 million untouchables still continue suffering because of the ancient system. Millions worldwide continue to suffer from practices linked to untouchability and caste. This is often a hidden apartheid of segregation, modern-day slavery, and other extreme forms of discrimination, exploitation, and violence. - DNS-UK.

Please help the Oppressed Go Free..
If you want to kill this wretched crime you can donate part of your income to any genuine organization which deals with it. About 50% of the population of India are Dalits! Though government is trying to take steps to reduce the sufferings of modern day dalits, it is impossible for government to intervene in social levels of the people and correct the situation. All top positions in society are occupied by those who oppress (the caste people) and there is very less possibilities of a Dalit getting any justice at all. Dalits get easily knocked out of the game-play of life in the fast-paced world.

It is Possible!
If you want to do something about this issue you can contact me to choose a good organization for you to work with. I am a Dalit too! I am 28 bachelor, living in Tamil Nadu India. I have suffered the oppression and I had no place that I can share this torment, that I came up to take it to the world by myself.